The first version of Ty Loar Du

took place at the end of spring 2017. It is a new step in coding


Last release: 14/01/2018

04.06.2017:  First version

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Ty Loar Du   Visual coding FORUM

Coding everything !

Your language is Java, Python, Lua, 3DS max script or any other one ?

No problem, you can create and use your own visual coding blocks in the language you want. Just put your code in a block

and it is ready to use. Try our simple tutorials !

Link your code

A new experience !

See the power of easy coding.

Visual programming has many advantages.

1, it is fun !

2, your code is clean thanks to blocks that have a clear use.

3, it is fast, blocks of code are ready to use.

4,it is flexible, you can adapt the blocks freely.

5, you can share your blocks or get new ones from the community through the forum.

7, it’s better against your eye fatigue.

Why visual programming?

Fatigue-free working >>

A block generator.

Blocks are alive, you can create new ones or modify anyone of them.

An interface creator.

Build your own interface, visually, thanks to coded buttons that you can create.

Work flexibility >>

Adaptivity >>

A simplified interface.

Beginner or not, you won’t be lost in a simple but efficient interface.

You just have the tools you need.

Simple process >>