The first version of Ty Loar Du

took place at the end of spring 2017. It is a new step in coding


Last release: 14/01/2018

04.06.2017:  First version

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Ty Loar Du   Visual coding FORUM

Ty Loar Du comes with several background themes to provide you a comfortable visual desktop.

A peculiar attention has been done to give you a nice working area.

We hope, it helps you to focus on your work in the best conditions as much as possible.

Any programming language or script can be implemented in Ty Loar Du.

You can use Ty loar du to create applications for any OS or use it in the development of

complex scripts in any third-party software. There is no limitation on the power of

Ty loar Du.

If you create your own software you can even implement Ty Loar Du to be used

by any user to develop their own scripts inside your software without the

need for you to develop another script application. Just add Ty Loar Du to your software

tool option.

If you develop any robotic or domotic software, create some blocks in Ty Loar Du

to help users to command your robot.

For example, write some blocks with simple titles like, turn right, turn left, etc.

No need for you to develop a complex graphic interface to get your robot power

available to all. Ty Loar Du does it for you. You can, of course, add a 2D or 3D

window that behaves according to the blocks coordination.

You have an infinite combination possible.

Ty Loar Du is universal. You can create as many specialized languages as you need.

You can create several language folders for one main language. For example,

in Java, you could create one java folder with special blocks for mathematics,

another one for 2D or 3D domains. You can organize Ty Loar Du as you need.

Moreover, you can mix these languages altogether in the same project and

even more with different languages like Python, Java, or C++ and so on. There is

no limit on how to use these languages in Ty Loar Du.

Languages availability:

Ty Loar Du

Universal coding tool.(New version available soon)

Thanks to its adaptability, flexibility and its good looking, Ty Loar Du, with all

Its powerful tools may contribute to help you developing stunning

applications, games or software.

Blocks are the 2D representation of your code implementation.

They accept any kind of code writing as they are totally opened.

You just need to declare a few parameters to make your code easy to use by anybody

or just for yourself. It is possible to insert a few lines or several pages of

codes in one block, the most important are the parameters to use this block code.

Several tools are available to help you to make your block of code usable for

yourself or anybody else. You have the ability to write an explanatory note with

examples to teach how to use this block easily. Then, once, u need this block

you're not lost as u can read what to do with it.

Moreover, it is now possible to add information notes at any block readable

on the main window of Ty loar Du during your development process to keep a track

of your logic sequence.You can then explain what a certain branch of code

is doing and how. These notes can be visible or invisible at any time to avoid

overload your screen surface.

Blocks creation:

A special tool has been done to help you to create any kind of variable

according to the programming language used. Once again, there is no limitation

on what type of variable declaration you need. Of course, you need to know how

to declare or initialize it in your favorite language. In Python, as you know it,

no need to write String, int, Local or Global before the name. Here,

you can easily adapt any kind of declaration and even more add an informative note

to your variable in order to know what it is done for and how to use it.

Variables creation:

A new menu system automatically adapts to the number of parameters requested

in each selected block. It allows adding any variable name or variable value to

the code of the block. The design of this tool has been specially enhanced to

help you to keep access to your logical datum.

Blocks Parameters:

Thanks to the console, you can monitor your code all the time.

Each time you select a block, you can see both the explanatory use of the block

and its integral code. These informations are on the top window of the console


At any time, you have access to the code generated by the blocks you managed.

You can read the code of one block, a branch of blocks or a page of blocks.

You never lose the contact with your code.

Once you want to test your code, you can save it and test it in your favorite

code application. You can save, any page or all the pages of your Ty Loar Du project.

You may also copy all the code of a branch or a page to paste to the

textfield for a new block creation.

On the below window, you get pieces of information about the use of Ty Loar Du.

If some action or problem occurs during your development process, an informative

line appears here to advise you that something (bad or good) happened.

Console usage:

It is possible to have as many coding panels as you need. They are represented by a

transparent rectangle where you can place your blocks and of course you can increase

Its size accordingly.

You also have a slider that controls the opacity of most all the GUI elements on the

screen. It allows you to use all the screen size to see your blocks and follow their logical


Window display

The block creator is handy and smart to use. Add the code you need and follow some

simple rules options to make your block easy to use by yourself or by anybody else.

The most difficult part is to explain in a few lines what this block is made for and how to

use it easily. Just give the user enough informations or examples to guide him. The code may be a short one line or several hundred ones, it doesn't matter. It may be a

command, an instruction or a full function. Just create what you need and what it could

be usefull to use in your code development.

Block maker:

If you need to write the code for new buttons, sliders or third-party softwares GUI objects,

this generator is what you need. You have the ability to make any icon button with the

necessary code of the language used and call these objects when you need it. The

code you saved for each icon, is called any time you add a new object GUI. so, you just

need to enter the right parameters, like the name or any other needed information for

your button.

Moreover, you can place your GUI objects on a WYSIWYG window to easily create your

interface. The xy position and xy size of your object are automatically saved in your code.

Of course, you can see all your GUI code and test it if it is not a third-party software. If the

test code is not implemented, you can copy the code into your favorite coding tool.

It is a key tool in your code development process. It gives you all the flexibility and

adaptivity you need when you have to create any interface in any special coding


It has been made to be friendly usable with several easy options to conform to any

language. There are powerful options but they are easy to use.

GUI generator: