The first version of Ty Loar Du

took place at the end of spring 2017. It is a new step in coding


Last release: 14/01/2018

04.06.2017:  First version

Get the best tool for your everyday coding time.

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Ty Loar Du   Visual coding FORUM


Ty Loar Du is available for Linux and Windows.

Get your best friendly tool to build your programs.

Not tested on Mac OS X yet.

Ty Loar Du for Windows and Linux:

Get the full version without any limitation to start developing your own application easily.

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Stable Release

1.0 (14/01/18) Win & Linux 64

Getting Started.

Install the last Java JDK. You need a Full HD screen (1920x1080)

On Windows, you'll have a .zip file. Double-click it, and drag the folder “Ty-Loar-Du” inside to “Documents”. Then open the folder “application.windows64” and double-click Ty_Loar_Du to start.

The Linux version is a .zip file. Download the file to your “Documents” directory, then open a terminal window, and type:(change username with your system user name)

cd /home/username/Documents/Ty-Loar-Du/application.linux64

next enter:


Not Tested on Mac OS X versions.

A special price until the next update.

Only    75 €

   ≈     700 HK$

   ≈       89 US$

-After your purchase, you will be able to download the software according to your system.